09 October 2010


On Friday the 1st of October, Commons decided to give out toffee apples and LEGITLY AMAZING DESSERTS. I still can't get over the fact that they had all these random desserts like chocolate ganachy balls and coffee chocolate with cream and cheesecake with a hint of jam. There were also eclairs but I don't really like eclairs. Nor does TJ. Actually, we just sat there for over an hour, talking and eating these sumptuous I don't understand why they decided to parade out desserts. I was simply stupefied... unfortunately I didn't have my camera, but they were beautiful desserts. *Sigh.*
Well, at least I have a toffee apple to blog about. I don't really want to advocate prepackaged toffee apples though, considering it has some PHO... I ate it anyway, though. My first toffee apple, ever. I know in Woolworths in Penrith they used to have green and red cellophane wrapped toffee apples, without the nuts, I think. I always wondered what they were... but I never tried them.
This toffee apple was so pretty.
Experimentation with the lack of light in my room... I have to put everything really close to the window in order to take pictures without flash.

This was the first bite of the toffee apple. I didn't manage to bite any apple bits though, since the toffee layer was so thick. The toffee and nut combination was amazing though; it was really sticky and sweet, which was sort of neutralised by the nutty chunks.
This was after taking a ridiculously large bite of the toffee apple. It was a tremendously difficult feat. Yes, HARD [both meanings]! Try biting into a sticky apple on a stick while holding the stick with one hand, without getting toffee all over your face and your hand[s], because having sticky hands means getting the camera sticky.
Oh gosh that sounds wrong.
I think that I might want to make a real toffee apple one day. Actually, maybe I'll make a hard toffee [not soft toffee] apple... actually, I think I'll cut up slices of apple, and then dip them in toffee and let it set so there's be a bigger toffee-to-apple ratio. Also, this way the only ingredients would be apple, sugar, milk, and some sorta fatty substance [butter? oil?] lacking transaturated fatty acids.

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