24 May 2011

Food Addiction?

I was cleaning out my "internet scrapbook" folder full of funny, ingenious and cool things I find on the internet (e.g. a CD container being used as a bagel lunchbox). I find it rather disturbing that a majority of the pictures that I have amassed are food pictures. Cute cupcakes with icing, grilled bread, chocolate mooncakes, a wallet shaped like toast with butter... a cow sitting at a guillotine (I'll keep that one.), a circuit board made out of candy, various cheese items, and the list could go on. There's even a dark chocolate bedsheet design! And chocolate vermicelli!

There is definitely something wrong with me.

Time to annihilate all these pixels. Actually, I should make a list of foods/concepts that I want to try. It'll be fun. So that'll be on the sidebar --->

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