18 May 2011

Ummm Failed Brownies?

It's my friend's birthday today and I decided to make a Domo brownie cake for him. I copied this recipe from Allrecipes.com and it failed. 30 minutes into baking, the edges were kinda crusty and the centre was still gooey.
Not "ooo fudgy brownie!" gooey. I mean, uncooked gooey.

It's now 33 minutes into baking and I'm sitting here wondering what to do, because now it looks like a volcano erupted. The surface of the brownie looks like a natural disaster. To be politically incorrect, it looks like Katrina visited my oven.

*goes to check cake with a fork*

And the cake just sunk lower. I didn't think that was possible.

The worst part is that I actually have to be somewhere in 15 minutes so I can't keep poking at the cake.


I got back from visiting my high school guidance counselor at noon, and I checked the cake. I had left it in the oven (turned off) in the hopes that the remaining heat would somehow cook the cake...for an hour. Generally, I trust leaving slightly undercooked food in the oven while the oven cools down. Bad habit, I know. The edges were crispy and rock hard and the center was...dense.
This is terribly photo-phobic.
So I cut off the edges. They were very crispy and shiny.
Looks better already! (Who am I kidding?)
So I added a lot of melted chocolate over the top since I don't have chocolate icing, and I made a mouth for Domo. The Smarties candy are there because the chocolate and the pink (should be red) icing kept mixing. I know Domo has black eyes, but I figured I should use a light colour because you can't see black clearly on dark brown. I also didn't know what I'd use for the eyes; I guess some chocolate would've been a good idea but I had used up the chocolate making the cover-up for the brownie earthquake.
Initially, I was going to go over the red/pink icing with white icing, but the red/pink icing refused to harden/dry. I think it's because I used too much milk and what I ended up with turned out to be a glaze rather than icing. So, I had to somehow get 8 triangular teeth to show up on top of Domo's mouth. What to do?! More Smarties? Almonds? White chocolate (which I don't have)? I ended up using tortilla chips, and breaking tortilla chips into perfectly triangular shapes proved too difficult so I just searched the middle/bottom of the bag for preformed mini triangles. I know tortilla chips aren't white, but I guess this will have to do. In bad lighting, this actually looks like Domo!

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