26 May 2011

Pie Crust!

I made pie crust today because it has to sit overnight for the apple pie tomorrow. I've already figured out a design for the top! No, it will not be a crumble top.
I looked through my old photos to see if I ever took a picture of the pie I made 5 years ago, and unfortunately, I didn't.

I guess the rules for this pie crust are that it's made with patience and whole wheat flour. I know it's rare to see whole wheat pie crust, and it's even rarer to see pie crust made with chunks of butter (not melted) without the use of a food processor.

I found a pie crust recipe here and I altered it specifically for whole wheat flour and apple pie filling.
Ingredients for a 9- to 9.5-inch pie base and top
2.5 cups whole wheat flour
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp cinnamon sugar or just plain sugar (more if you want)
1 cup (2 sticks) of butter cut into chunks
5 to 7 tbsp apple juice (or water)

1. Sift flour. Add everything except juice/water into bowl.
2. Cut butter using a metal spoon. I suppose a plastic knife would work well too.
3. Cut butter. Now, the dough starts smelling phenomenal. For some reason, my dough smelled like cheesecake-graham-cracker crust, or just pie crust in general.
4. Cut butter. The dough looks browner, the butter pieces are smaller, and ... I smooshed some butter too because cutting butter took a lot of time. In retrospect, though, leaving a few lumps may not have made much differenc.
5. Add juice/water until you can form a ball.
6. Stick in fridge overnight. I didn't wrap it in plastic wrap... I just stuck it in a container. For cookie dough, at least, it doesn't seem necessary to wrap stuff in plastic.

Well. Let's see what happens tomorrow!

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