22 May 2011

Nifster's Chocolate Bears

My sister, a.k.a. the Nifster, bought a chocolate bear mould&chocolate kit from Michaels, the art store. In other words, she spent some sum of money buying a piece of pretty plastic and a few pellets of weird waxy "chocolate". The stuff wasn't even legitimate chocolate! It was just this bizarre chocolate-coloured play-dough-esque thing that tasted like super-solidified lip balm. Erm...
In total, she ended up with six chocolate lollypops. She gave one of her precious treasures to me, and I really appreciate it because she spent I-don't-really-know-how-long crafting such exquisite treats.
Trust me; it looks more discoloured in real life. So, since I didn't feel safe eating it, I decided to throw it away. :( I know, I'm wasting food, but it tasted really off. Yes, I did taste it first, and I did swallow some of it. It also smelled weird.

I bet when I was a kid, I would've loved to have one of these make-your-own-shaped-chocolate kids. Seriously, how awesome would it be if I could give out chocolate and say that it was MY doing? I suppose this is the appeal these things have to kids, or even adults who don't really mind the weird taste of the chocolate. For a person who is really finicky (but not too esoteric) about chocolate (i.e. me), this just doesn't work because it kinda grosses me out, unfortunately.
I mean, does that look like a bear to you? Cancerous, maybe. Metastasised tumours! Or, you know, normal decay.

The bright side is that now when I get actual chocolate chips - not stuff with PHOs or other random oils - the Nifster can get out her mould and we can make real chocolate bears! I do kind of wish that she had frog moulds, because I miss chocolate frogs from both Harry Potter and Australia. I just searched up the name of the chocolate frogs I used to eat in Australia - FREDDO FROG!!! - I really miss those :(. I've only had chocolate frogs once in my life, and I just realised that after HP7 Part 2 comes out, the sales of Harry Potter foods will - oh wait, I forgot about the theme park. Okay, so there will definitely be a stock of Harry Potter food in the future. I just need enough money to go to FL and purchase all those things.

Speaking of which, why is there no 100% Star Wars theme park?

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