15 May 2011

Taste of Penn Part IV: Nancy's

This is part of the series about the Taste of Penn.

"What makes you special?"
My question. I really need to come up with a better, less cliche question, but that's all I had for the Taste of Penn. I really didn't need to ask, though, because Nancy's dairy honestly tastes different.
The cottage cheese actually tasted like something! It was tangy. Flavourful. Sour. The cottage cheese I get at Costco/Shoprite is usually much more mild tasting, and perhaps even bland, which is the way I like it because I'm not a huge cottage cheese fan. This cottage cheese, however, was thick and distinctly - may I say it - "gourmet"!
(no picture unfortunately)

I tried some of the yoghurt and it was also extremely sour-tangy. The fruit was also apparently homemade. I don't think I'm used to the strong taste, because I've grown up eating milder, sweeter yoghurts, but for those of you who want to try stuff with a zing, or who are dairy fanatics... this takes the cake. I mean, this takes the parfait.
I had never had kefir before, so I don't have anything to compare with this kefir. Maybe kefir is an acquired taste but I just thought it was okay.

The representative to whom I talked emphasised the whole organic thing, with cows from Oregon, and the presence of live cultures in the products. One thing that never made sense to me was that if we are digesting the foods we eat, how much of the probiotics (i.e. live bacteria) actually get to our small intestines intact? They'd have to survive a pH of 2 in our stomachs! According to my past two nutrition classes, research on this has been (what a surprise...) two-sided, with no conclusive evidence of probiotics aiding in digestion in the small intestine.
Dude, I love Yakult and yoghurt so much though, purely for the taste, and not for the probiotics component, that I'm not too concerned with this (apart from the fact that it's a huge advertising gimmick).

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