03 May 2011


It's at night, and it's a market of food, sorta.
It's a swarm of people.
A mob of college kids, hungry for some culture (or just free food.)
At the Rodin College House rooftop lounge, there was a Nightmarket, brought to us by various student organisations, including the Chinese/Taiwanese/Korean/African/Vietnamese/some other Student Associations. There were trays and trays of rice, bowls of grass jelly, cups of aloe vera drink and bubble tea, and packages of Choco Pie.

All Free.

The catch? We had a reel of tickets (10 tickets? 15 tickets?), and each scoop of food cost at least a ticket. The "prices" were jacked up too; at first, the Choco Pies were only one ticket, but later, they cost two tickets. The bubble tea, by default, was two tickets, whereas the aloe vera drink was only one ticket. In general, two scoops of rice cost one ticket, as did two scoops of fried plantains.

From top to bottom: I tried the fried plantains (amazing!) and jollof rice (I'd never had it before, but someone mentioned it to me a few weeks ago and that's sparked an interest...and it's really good), along with some Vietnamese noodles (which had shrimp and I was unaware...), fried rice (don't know why. It wasn't even good fried rice. My mum makes the best fried rice in the world...or it's just an acquired taste, so I intrinsically dislike everyone else's fried rice), seaweed (best ever! Okay, a little salty, but I hadn't had seaweed in ages, so it was delicious), and a Vietnamese rice flour and glutinous rice dessert that was amazing.

The bubble tea was warm.
I was pretty upset that I was using a styrofoam plate. However, I did like this study-break-esque thing (It happened two weeks ago actually). Along with the food, there was also bracelet making and an African game called Mancala (I think), and it was really fun! I've been really busy with studying, so I don't think I'll be blogging until May 10 at the earliest.

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