10 September 2011

The Darkroom Cafe

Guys...I have a job that involves kitchens!! Somehow, this semester, I'm going to take 6 credits and ALSO make delicious drinks/food at the Darkroom Cafe, located in the basement of the Class of 1925, a residential building that is part of Gregory College House. I am proud to say that I was the first customer last year, when the cafe opened, and I bought a muffin with carrot and other plants in it. However, after that one muffin, I never went back because I had a meal plan. This year, since I don't have a meal plan, I get to finally sample food trucks, restaurants, bread (LOTS OF BREAD), and leftover coffee from here! Whoo! So... if anyone wants free coffee :P
 I have introduced recycling to the Darkroom Cafe, and I'm going to do something about the coffee grounds if the Penn Garden replies.
 The pastries are from Le Bus Bakery, somewhere in Center City. It's a shame that we can't actually bake the pastries, but I guess that would require a lot more planning, effort, and an actual oven. However, we do serve grilled cheese sandwiches!
 Here is BUNN, our energy-hoarding-coffee maker.

This is my first receipt. An RA bought a cup of coffee from me!

So, WHY would you want to come here instead of any other coffee place?
1. Our hours are:

SUNDAY closed mornings; 10:00pm-1:00am

MONDAY 8:00am-10:15am; 10:00pm-1:00am
TUESDAY 8:00am-10:15am11:00pm-1:00am
WEDNESDAY 8:00am-10:15am11:00pm-1:00am
THURSDAY 8:00am-10:15am; 10:00pm-1:00am
FRIDAY 8:00am-10:15am10:00pm-11:00pm
In other words, we stay up late for you guys! We get up early for you guys! We care!

2. We're nice people, who can give you advice on anything! There are four cafe managers, and we will try to remember your name.

3. We make fresh coffee. We grind our espresso beans. WATCH US grind the espresso beans! Applaud when we use actual shot glasses for the espresso! Gasp as we poof up the milk for your latte (and promptly overpoof it and spill it everywhere...)!

4. $1 for a cup of delicious coffee at the Darkroom Cafe is cheaper than whatever Starbucks sells it for ($1.69 last time I checked, during my college interviews hahaha)

5. The profits maybe (possibly very indirectly or directly... I have no idea) go to Gregory College House, which then use it to buy DVDs and games, fund house events, and purchase food for the house. Therefore, you're reaping the benefits of it somehow. Actually, this last statement may be completely false, so please don't quote me.

6. Bring your own mug... and you can get coffee for $0.75 instead of $1.00.

Stuff the Darkroom Cafe sells:
Chocolate croissants
Plain croissants
Grilled cheese paninis
Hot chocolate
Milk (whole, skim, soy)
Gregory College House mugs!!

So, I'm blatantly advertising because I work here on Wednesday and Friday mornings and Sunday and Monday nights. :) Come visit me!

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