11 September 2011


There's no actual topic today. Instead I'm just going to round up what's been up the past two weeks.
1. I sorted trash. It was fun because I had a sharp box cutter and I got to talk to parents/students about recycling. This was just ... 3 hours on one of the move-in days, at the Lower Quad.
2. I wonder what Penn does with all that left over food. I sort of feel personally responsible for not taking extra food at all of the NSO events.
3. At convocation, I got a lot of cake, doughnuts, and cookies. Apparently, no one takes the doughnuts or cookies and I just saw the workers later just shoving stuff in the bin. I guess the thing that irks me the most is that a lot of people just take a bite of a cake, and then leave the rest on a table, and the whole cake gets thrown out. The convocation desserts should be the size of prunes, not the size of grapefruit.
4. Here's a piece of chocolate with pistachio.
5. I have a lot of food so I don't think that I'm going to be purchasing any food except for yoghurt in the next month or so.
6. For the past few days, I haven't been craving food. Perhaps this means that I'm finally on schedule with work, and that I find other things more exciting/of a higher priority. This is an improvement, because when food becomes the top in my list of priorities, it means that I'm upset about something. Also, the lack of blogging on here implies that I'm socialising with real people, haha.
7. I made my first cappuccino on Wednesday the 7th, and my first latte on Thursday the 8th. I think that my job is awesome...so, go to the Darkroom Cafe!!

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