05 September 2011

House BBQ!

Note: I realised that this year, all the cookies during NSO were soft and moist. Last year, they were all hard. Anyway.

Every year, my dorm house has a welcome (back) BBQ followed by baked goods and karaoke. Last year, I missed parts of it because I was taking a Chem placement test and... I'm not really sure what I was doing. This year, however, I participated much more and the double cheese veggie burger was delicious! TJ came late so she had a veggie burger in a hot dog bun (which I lovingly prepared for her. Haha).
I also played volleyball with the frosh. This year's new guys [at my dorm house] are hotter than the new guys at my dorm house last year. Haha...Karaoke was fun, actually, even though I embarrassed myself beyond the edge of the world. It was spectacularly entertaining, and I met a lot of cool people, including a guy from Australia. So, I feel much closer to my college house now. :)

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