02 September 2011

Pizza Rustica

At PennFest (I know that I'm a sophomore, but everyone's allowed to go to PennFest...I believe), Penn tried to get students involved by asking us all to vote for our favourite pizza place near/on campus. After consuming way too much Allegro Pizza, which is, well, normal pizza, it was sincerely delicious getting some change and sampling other pizza places. However, only one stood out in my mind - Pizza Rustica. All the other pizzas were large and round (with the exception of one company's being a rectangle), or just plain cheese, or anything-but-vegetable, and Pizza Rustica trumped them all!
Pizza Rustica, according to the woman I talked to, uses local and fresh ingredients. She seemed genuinely happy when I voted for Pizza Rustica, and later, when there was a surplus of personal-sized pizzas, she gave me two boxes of them! Seriously! They just started handing out boxes of delicious, crunchy-crust, tomato-saucy pizza. I ADORED the vegetable pizza with mushrooms, artichoke pieces (erm, that's what they look like), and other stuff. The crispy bread with dip was also delicious and savoury. 
There was also an accordion player, who told me that he plays at the restaurant every Friday.

I suppose PennFest is a great advertising tool for all these restaurants. On one hand, you have these caterers who just put food on the table and sit back while you take it; on the other, these Pizza Rustica people smile, push more food and coupons into your hands, and remind you exactly where they are located.

3602 Chestnut St.

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