31 August 2011

Honeydukes Sherbert Lemons

My brother went to Harry Potter World in Florida over the summer (lucky him!!) while I was growing cells in a lab. Fun. He didn't take any pictures of Honeydukes :(. In fact, he didn't take any pictures of Harry Potter World, which is not only a huge letdown, but also gives me more incentive to actually pay the exorbitant entrance/travel fees just to visit Honeydukes.
I emailed my brother and called him a bunch of times just to make sure that he bought some food from Honeydukes, because I really wanted to try something! He ended up getting Sherbert Lemons, Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans, and a Chocolate Frog. I'll blog about the Sherbert Lemons today because I didn't get around to the other stuff yet; I will when I go home for October break
They're lemon-shaped, covered in sour-ish sugar, and taste just like lemon lollypops. The lemon itself isn't sour enough for my taste (or for the expense). Everyone buys it for the jar, I guess, which is pretty ugly. I'm really upset about the Honeydukes logo, because I've always imagined a wooden-style logo. Chocolate-coloured, at least!!

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