24 January 2010

Flurt in NYC

It's actually been [exactly] a month since I've been to Flurt, but I'm including it here as it is utterly remarkable. I've never had legitimate frozen yoghurt before, so I went there with A after we had gone thrift shopping. We also stopped by a Thai restaurant for a late lunch, and the yellow curry was simply. Breathtaking. [literally. It was hot, and I loved it.] Anyway, Flurt was this little shop on 3rd Ave between 22nd and 23rd street with cute chairs, each with one hole in the butt area of the chair, which fleetingly reminded me of a potty. "For the rain to drip out of," A said, "in the summer when the chairs are outside".
Note that since I love cheesy [haha] puns, I was immediately attracted to its slogan. "yogurt culture" HAHAHA!!! Culture. Bacterial cultures. Get it? [hahaha!] Plus, since it's become a cultural thing to get frozen yoghurt, it fits into this blog. Not that I had an inkling of wanting to blog Flurt a month ago.

Also, note the red chairs in the background :).

In my family, we rarely buy frozen desserts, although there's a bunch of dead animal pieces in the freezer [since I'm the only vegetarian in the house]. So, Flurt was a new experience for me, and I'm not able to compare it with other brands such as Pinkberry [but from what I've heard, Flurt is better than Pinkberry]. But basically, there is one machine.
Yes, One.
One machine that spews out frozen yoghurt [yoghurt flavoured, of course, with a touch of sugar]. There's flavourings from these little containers at the front. There's a wide selection, ranging from fresh mango and pomegranate to chocolate and marshmallows. Since I was in a coconut mood, I got the dried coconut [not the Kraft/Baker's kind, which is drenched in sugar], A got the mango, and MK got the raspberry. Unfortunately as I picked up the container, I spilled a bit of the coconut :(. In other words, the frozen yoghurt is pleasantly heaped with topping :) [we could've got more than one topping of course, but the yoghurt with one topping came around $3, I believe].

Taste? Hmm... It's frozen. Yoghurt. Smooooooooth, slightly sour, sweet, light, and delicious. It's not clumpy, nor does it melt fast. There is no aftertaste, and it was simply simple.

Beats the time I put plain yoghurt in the freezer. It came out looking like a white, cylindrical rock. It would've made a dent in a sledgehammer. Could've been a great paperweight...

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