27 January 2010

Homemade Coffee.

Somehow in the past century, or, okay, millennium, we've gone from chewing coffee beans raw to buying three pieces of plastic [cup, hemispherical-lid, straw] filled with sugar, milk, and coffee flavouring with water. And other flavourings.

Why are we paying a freakin' $1 to $6 buying "coffee"?
Society = wants stuff fast, ready, easy to dispose, easy to consume while sittin' in a car, or in class.
Plus, society wants to look cool. I sure can't be the only teenager in my first period class who doesn't have store-bought coffee perched on the left side of the desk. I sure can't be the only kid who isn't slurping among the icy dregs of diluted sugary stuff.

I've been to Starbucks before, and I've had their Frappucinos before. A bunch of times. And it's great. It's extremely sweet and minty and chocolatey and JUST the right consistency. It's great. The experience, smell, and the non-vanishing showcase of food. In that essence, it's almost worth it, compared to drinking water at home while studying Biology.

HOWEVER, my parents bought bottled Frappucinos... Personally, I think that that is an asinine idea - a Frappucino is basically a very sweetened, cooled, cappuccino. A legit one, though, has crushed ice, flavouring, and a mound of whipped cream. The bottled one? Sweetened, cooled cappuccino with pectin.

So I made my own "Frappucino"...
Ground Coffee + Hot water + Milk [one bottle was soy, one was cow] [and a ton of sugar, but I didn't add any, because I didn't want any. But adding sugar would make it more Frappuccino-esque]
It looks like the real thing, tastes like the real thing. I had to shake it though, because it settled after a while, as you can see. You can also see that paper... which are my calc notes. I made this during midterms.

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