28 January 2010

Heath Bar and Book Review

Many people have been gnawing on Heath Bars ever since their baby teeth started growing out. I, however, had never heard of such thing until I started working at the Carvel Ice Cream Store. Since the U.S. admires toppings on ice cream, there were little jars of different candies and sprinkles spread across the counter at Carvel.
The manager showed me crushed up Heath bars, and I said, "Heath what?" She let me try some, and it was both familiar and novel, at the exact same time. Of course I'd eaten tons of milk chocolate before, and of course I'd eaten plenty of toffee [but not as much as I wanted]... but the two mixed together with almonds was so crunchy and creamy and satisfying.
Heath started off being an independent company, and I wished it had stayed that way. They got bought by Hershey's, a oligarchy... but at the moment, I don't have any blatant hate against Hershey's, so I'm giving the Heath bar a nice review. When I learn how to make them myself I think this'd change. Plus, when Hershey's decides to use palm kernel oil and flavouring to make these, I'd start burning their logos in effigy (figuratively).

I bought a pack of mini Heath bars this Halloween, and I have one piece left... so much for my Halloween candy lasting a year. I supposed it'd last to mid-February, and then I can go buy more chocolate. Anyway, Heath bars. Are. So. Addictive. Like I said, it's crunchy, but creamy, chewy, sweet, nutty, buttery...
HeatH bars. A.k.a. H eat H bars.
You add an L and you get "Health bars" but seriously, adding an L is like adding a Lie. They are [as The End of Overeating by David Kessler would say] "almonds, toffee, chocolate - fat on sugar on fat on sugar on fat".

As a book review, The End of Overeating is a terrible book. I have read shelves of books, stacks of books about food, and I must say that this one is the second worst book. The worst? A book written by a haughty connoisseur which I think was called Fork Over It or something. That one was worse because the guy was so condescending to we readers. The End of Overeating basically goes through restaurant food and labels each one as "sugar on fat on salt on fat etc. etc. etc." It also stated that overeating causes obesity. Oh really? I never knew. I totally thought that being anorexic causes obesity.

If I had to sum this whole post up in one sentence, it'd be: Eat Heath bars and don't read The End of Overeating.

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