25 January 2010

Yoghurt Oatmeal?

So... I had a track meet today, and as all runners know, carbs = vital for racing. In all honesty though, a 1600m race is not going to require 5 meals of 90% carbohydrates the day before and of. The 1600m is short enough that one could definitely chug 140 Calories [or even fewer, since 6-7 minutes of racing does not require 140 Calories] worth of sugar [a.k.a. candy!] However, since I love food, I always eat a lot before race day. Well, I eat a lot in general.

Even though today is Monday, I only had 1 hour of school because it was midterms, so I went to school to take the French midterm around 10. This meant that I could actually cook something for breakfast :D [Though in all honesty, I love cereal, toast, and sandwiches. I could live on that].

I made oatmeal. Usually, people add water or milk, but I decided to be adventurous and added yoghurt... I figured it'd be gooeyer. My method of cooking oatmeal? Dump everything in at the same time and stir it until it looks done, on medium to high heat. Gets done fast... and uses the least energy. I do not want to use fossil fuels to let the liquid boil, then add the oats, then add the fruit. *Kerplunk!* goes everything.

I cut up a whole apple [Pinklady, though I personally prefer Royal Gala Apples the most] and dumped it in, with the oatmeal and yoghurt. I also added a small cinnamon stick since I don't have powdered cinnamon at home [unfortunately - way back, when we went shopping for spices I got the cinnamon sticks because they looked cooler. Sigh.].

I'm guessing, [at most] 10 minutes later, I turned off the heat.

Looks pretty bland.
Tasted kinda sour... so I added stuff to it :) Dried fruit, chocolate powder. I know, I'm not traditional at all.

As for the track meet... didn't go so well.

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