24 January 2010

First Post!

Hey everyone!
I've always been fascinated with other food blogs - cupcake blogs, candy blogs... cheeseburger blogs (yeah - they're nice to look at... even though I'm a vegetarian) - and I realised that I ought to make my own blog, especially since I'm multicultural, and LOVE FOOD!

I'm also interested in the ingredient/scientific/agricultural/cultural aspects of "food" (note the ""!! I don't consider propylene glycol "food" but it's in some cakes...)

I should've made this blog wayyyyy back in 06, or even earlier (but my grammar would've been pathetic). I'm starting today, because I'm a second semester senior in HS, which means that I'm chillin' :)

As of this moment, my profile is extremely vague. I am not sure whether I ought to reveal too much of myself online (spam = facepalm).

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