26 January 2010

Lindor Truffles.

I despise the "grown-up" notion that a famous brand name equates quality. I'm sorry, but that is simply false! Just because the name Lindor is on the label does not mean that the truffles that the produce are somehow "superior" than some local chocolate bar.

I'm not bashing Lindor; the chocolate truffles are pretty yummy. They're not as good as some plain dark chocolate bars that one uses for baking. But then again, I have weird tastes.

One of my new year resolutions is to eat 100 different, new, pieces of chocolate/chocolate candies. Here's 1 and 2.
1. Lindor Peanut Butter Truffle.
Aw, the image quality sucks. It was some 500 x 1000 px JPG but I suppose it got compressed. Either way, if you really wanted to see a beautifully-programfully-edited-and-airbrushed picture of a Lindor truffle, all you have to do is go [here].

So. Mind my pun, but the Lindor-Chocolate-Making-Machine fudged (haha. Not.) up the peanut butter truffle. Looks like a golf ball with one dimple. Which thus makes it aerodynamic, but only 1/314th as aerodynamic as a golf ball. Actually, I'm not so sure., because the dimple is kinda big relative to a golf ball dimple. Look's kinda pasty and sweaty, too. Here's a lovely close up:

I did not spray it with cologne.
Taste-wise... The official Lindor website states that it has "...exclusively prepared Lindor Truffles in Peanut Butter for the American taste palate. Delicately pairing the flavors of decadent peanut butter and fine chocolate into a smooth-melting experience, Lindt's Master Chocolatiers have created a recipe to satisfy the cravings of the American chocolate connoisseur".
I LOVE peanut butter. If I could, I would eat jars of that stuff every single day. On bread. On fruit. On chocolate. Even in rice! This truffle should've been the "decadent" thing I asked for. But then again, I'm not American, and perhaps I don't fit this "American palate" of which Lindor speaks. In all honesty, the truffle wasn't that great. The ratio of chocolate to peanut butter was quite unappealing in the sense that the peanut butter taste wasn't that IN YOUR FACE. I am not willing to shell out $2.50 (I think that's how much one truffle cost at the Lindt/Lindor store on 5th ave in NYC?) for a piece of chocolate that. In all honesty. Is average.
Plus, Lindor does nothing for the environment except screw it up.

Organic peanut butter [~$4 for a 400ish gram jar] + organic dark chocolate [~$2-3 for a jar] = many more truffles at a more reasonable price for both me and the world.
One day I'm going to get a whole bar of dark chocolate and spread thick, creamy peanut butter over it, filling in all the smooth crevices. Then I'm going to gently press fresh roasted peanuts over each piece, and tenderly make sure that they are all facing the same direction. I will then use a gold-rimmed sieve and sift light, pure cocoa powder over my suicidal creation.
Psh.... So much for the imagery. As a digression [this will be a later post], doesn't that sound so much more romaniticky-finicky-proper than "mix chocolate, pb, cocoa powder and peanuts together and eat it while chillin'?"

2. Lindor "Extra" Dark Chocolate Truffle.
Was pretty good, I suppose. But wasn't as dark as I wanted it to be. But then again, it's a truffle, not a piece of chocolate for baking into sugar-stuffed cookies.

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