22 March 2011

Almond Nut-Thins

These remind me of the rice cracker things that I used to eat when I was in HK, so it's not such a novel concept. The ones in HK were cheaper and did not advertise so blatantly. I'm still very irked by the "Wheat and Gluten Free" label, as though not eating gluten is somehow "healthier" than eating gluten for 99% of the population (a.k.a. the non-celiacs).

Also, "Irresistible Snacking!" = "Smart Eating" ??? DOES NOT COMPILE. How can snacking 24/7, which is what I do (unfortunately), equate smart eating?

Also, I know this happens for every single packaged good, but Blue Diamond really should make the box smaller. The crackers take up half the space of the box. Okay, fine, 60%.

After my fragmented paragraphs above (I'm running on 4 hours of sleep right now and I just did not-alright on an exam)... I will now talk about the Nut-Thins themselves.

They are very pretty.
They do NOT taste like almond, but the "rice" texture is basically similar to the crunchy puffed rice texture of those soy-rice thingys in the snack mixes with the wasabi peas and peanuts (you know what I'm talking about).

There was some form of "smoky" flavour, with a bit of umami, but the majority of the cracker tasted salty. Not potato-chip salty - not even bottom-of-the-bag-potato-chip salty. It was literally smothered in salt crystals. Initially, I was fine with it, because the smoky flavour was initially pretty prevalent (not barbecue smoky though). After a while, though, all I could taste was salt. For some reason, a lot of the gluten-free food that I buy ends up being super salty. I'll blog about these tortilla chips that are also just really salty, later, but so far, that's how it's been.

This may be because the foods that generally have the "Gluten Free" label also have a bunch of labels touting "All Natural"/other stuff that relates to not using "synthetic" ingredients (although isn't everything, in some way, synthetic/processed?). This means that they refrain from using umami flavouring, colouring, and other flavouring that is GRAS (perhaps). In this aspect, there are limited additives that the company can add to the product to make it taste great and remain fresh/not stale. So, by adding salt, a "flavouring" is added.

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