02 March 2011

Campus Food...What? Be a Scavenger...

A few weeks ago, there was this terribly organised event called "CampusFood Free for All". The theory was that there would be tons of restaurant food from catering services affiliated with CampusFood, and all this food would go to us frosh, along with nice glass mugs.

This failed in many many many aspects.
1. Squishing 1000s of people, including not frosh, into a small room (fire hazard=more than 200 people) evidently doesn't make sense.
2. Having people stand in line outside this room doesn't work, especially since nearly everyone cuts lines. This really irked me...but I suppose I should've expected it; after all, humans are greedy, jealous, and selfish. It's human nature. So, it was basically a blob of a line, and MA, who arrived maybe half an hour after me and TJ somehow ended up getting a mug an hour before we did.
3. Insomnia Cookies is on the floor below the room. Somehow, they only provided us with 3 boxes of cookies, which ended up going to people standing behind us.
4. Cream and Sugar didn't turn up.
5. Oh, you know what DID turn up? Pizza and sammiches. But it's not a Frosh Free for All! No no no, it's take-half-a-slice-of-pizza and a-small-chunk-of-a-cured-pig-flesh-sammich and don't-take-more! For some reason, they didn't expect this many frosh to turn up [hello? 2,500 frosh!! + all the other undergrads and grads...]

So it was a terrible waste of an hour although I did get a mug out of it. So then TJ and I went to Hill for actual dinner [At the "Free For All", we saw the first few people walking out with 3+ slices of pizza. We ended up each getting half a slice of pizza. So...]

At Hill, there was sushi! Although the rice tasted correctly seasoned with the vinegar, the rice was either overcooked [congee-texture], or undercooked [hard]. It was a nice change, although the server only gave everyone two pieces :(
There was also a cupcake with icky pink icing, no doubt because they want to use up all the leftover red food colouring from Commercialization Day. I've never seen Hill with cupcakes before, but I have to say that the cupcakes are bland, dry, and boring. Actually, I don't really think I tremendously like the baked goods at Penn Dining because the cookies are always hard and never moist/soft, and the cakes are as I have described. The pies are generally fantastic though and the mini doughnuts are quite nice because they have this flavour that reminds me of doughnuts that I used to eat in Australia and HK.

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