19 March 2011

Fruit-Filled Pastries

I think that my favourite dining hall has to be the one at Kings Court. They frequently have vegetarian foods, occasionally have individual bottles of soymilk, and generally always have amazing dips and cereal. Generally, on Mondays and Tuesdays, there are vegan desserts. These desserts are much different from the typical desserts that Penn Dining chugs out; there are apricot bars, cranberry scones, raisin pinwheel cookies, and even these pastry thingys which are apparently called "Beggar's Purses". I personally really dislike that name (just a preference...) so I'm just going to call them fruit-filled pastries.

I do love pastry. I love savoury pastry for vegetable pies or spanakopita, and I love flaky pastry coating sweet pies. I love chocolate/glazed croissants. However, I seriously dislike plain pastry. I can't have a pastry made solely out of fat and flour. The pastry crust used here was extremely bland. There was a sprinkle of sugar only on the four corners, and each layer, although flaky, offered no taste whatsoever. Okay, I think that fat is a "taste", but it's definitely not enough to elicit a response for me to want to eat more pastry.

The fruit part was basically stewed fruits such as cooked frozen blueberries, apples, and other stuff... It was quite mushy, and its sweetness at least enhanced some of the pastry's blandness.

I disliked this pastry, although it looked extraordinary. Actually, the best things from the vegan desserts section are
1. Corn sandies cookies - the best. thing. ever.
2. Chocolate (or was it carob?) brownies
3. Apricot bars

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