13 August 2011

Food Reviews

Doing food reviews because I didn't cook today.
Review 1. FOOD SHOULD TASTE GOOD All Natural Chips SWEET POTATO TORTILLA CHIPS (it's a cracker too) MADE WITH Sweet Potato
With a really "well-duh!" company name, Food Should Taste Good actually disappoints me. Although I do love tortilla chips, and although this brand's chips are definitely delicious, and even these sweet potato ones are delicious, I am disappointed for two reasons.
1. I'm not really sure I like the way they advertise. It's a bit pompous and the "CERTIFIED GLUTEN FREE" and "CERTIFIED VEGAN" irk me because it implies that these diets are "healthier" or something. Plus, these chips are evidently less healthy than broccoli, but broccoli doesn't have these labels because they take $$$ to buy.
2. The chips are tasty. They taste like tortilla chips. However, they do not taste even remotely like sweet potato. Go figure.
Quaker sent me "free" (okay, not free for them...and it cost 5 minutes of my time for me) cereal. Whoo! I'm not sure why there had to be so much packaging for a mere 120 Calories, and I think that the red box probably hindered Quaker's advertising scheme (I mean, the postman/woman is more likely to figure out what s/he's sending with the smaller box, due to the heart-healthy claims and such on the blue box). Well. Free cereal.
These remind me of wheat Chex cereal, except that they're thicker and sweeter. They taste nothing like oatmeal!! Nothing! There's nothing whatsoever "hearty" about this cereal (ha. ha.) except for the anatomically incorrect heart on the box. There's no warmth, no snuggling, no mother-chiding-at-me to this boxed cereal that doesn't resemble oatmeal. In addition, although oats are great for you and all, sugar is not (yeah, I'm talking about the brown sugar), especially in a refined cereal.
I mean, you start off with oats. You end up with bubbly airy sugar coated crunchy stuff that digests mad fast.

Oats > Oats without bran/germ/other fibre-y stuff > Flattened quick oat pieces > Mashed up quick oat pieces > Mashed up quick oat pieces with sugar > Poof! Stuff your kids will actually eat!! (In my case, stuff my sister* will actually eat.)

I guess I have some issues with advertising and labelling, and not with the food itself. Perhaps I'm just a little angry these days.

*My sister has decided that Frosted Flakes (NOT generic brand sugar-coated cornflakes - Frosted Flakes ONLY) and Lucky Charms are the only cereals that she will eat. She has also abstained from any carbohydrate that is whole-wheat, looks slightly wheaty, and/or lacks sugar. Therefore, she now only consumes the above-mentioned cereal, noodles, white bread, and white rice for her, er, "complex" carbs. She won't listen to me. So... none of that stuff is going to ever be in the house, if I ever have kids (although I don't think I will).

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