18 August 2011

Lime Lays Potato Chips

One of the intriguing things that I asked my uncle to buy for me in China was lime flavoured potato chips. I don't understand why Lays doesn't sell these in the U.S.

They tasted like the "Hint of Lime" Tostitos, except that instead of a corn chip, we have a starchy potato chip. It's slightly sweet, has a neat clean lime taste that I would associate with really sweet limeade (but NOT anything creamy like key lime pie). I definitely prefer this flavour over the Original/salt flavoured potato chip (why are those so popular?! If there's a market for salt flavoured chips in the U.S., why isn't there a market for lime flavoured chips?!??!?)
My brother agreed with the package; he said, with a modicum of sarcasm, that they were "Cool & Refreshing". I would like to consume this flavour frequently. I suppose this is the upside to microwaving potato chips (I'll get to that tomorrow).

Cute translation, by the way. "Lays" got translated into 乐事 (le4shi4) which means "joyful things/events" in Chinese. My parents briefly called me 乐乐 when I was a baby. Obviously, it's not a suitable name for me.

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