17 March 2010

A's Birthday.

[Note: it is technically 2:27PM on Saturday, but this is what I would've written if I had time on Wednesday. Track takes up my life:( I guess.]
A turned 18 today, and I made her mango-raisin muffins. Yes, muffins, not cupcakes. A.k.a., no butter!! Well, they were really... liquidy, so I wasn't sure whether it was the correct consistency, but after they baked, they were REALLY moist and dense and great. If they had been chocolate, I'm sure it would've been a pudding-cake. Seriously.
One of the "secret" ingredients was BALSAMIC VINEGAR!! Two tablespoons of it, actually.
:) Weird? Yes. But nevertheless cool, and it kept reacting with the baking soda, which I guess definitely did something to the cake-ness of it.
Acetic acid + Na(Co3)2 --> H2O + Co2 + Na+ +C2H3O2-, which, when spectators are removed,
H+ + [Co3]-2 --> H20 + Co2.

I couldn't figure out how to stack 18 cupcakes into the container without smearing the "glaze" at the top. The glaze was made with MikeNIkes and orange juice. Microwaved and mixed. I was going to use green, but then I realised that it'd probably look like slime... so I used yellow, for lemon, and pink, for strawberry [the cherry ones actually look a lot like strawberry MikeNIkes, so I spent a bit off time separating them. The strawberry ones are a bit pinker]. Anyway, my mum finally suggested I use a paper plate... so I did. :) And I wrote a note on it too.

After track, she gave some out and HF said that I should make them for sports awards. I don't really know if she meant it though, because sometimes I can't tell if people are being genuine/fake.

One thing that kinda irked me was that as soon as EC saw it, she said, "Ohhh cupcakes!! Did [HF] make them?", which is kinda... uncool, because I am A's friend; HF and her are just acquaintances. Why would she make A muffins? Not cool.

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