02 March 2010

Glutinous Rice Balls

Yesterday I fell asleep at around 7pm. I didn't intend to.
The run made me do it. Seriously. I finally decided [well, more like, was persuaded] to run, the week before track starts again... and what do I get running right after sittin' 'round at home for three weeks?
Pain, noisy breathing, that icky metallicy-blood taste at the back of my throat, and a crumbling of self-image.
In other words I should probably stop eating so much...
Or at least eat healthier stuff [a.k.a. probably not anything I've written about in the past 29 posts, save the peach. And oatmeal].
Anyway, on Sunday, my mum, my sister and I made a bunch of glutinous rice balls because it was the 12th day of Chinese New Year. NO, they are not those leaf-wrapped rice-and-animal-pieces-and-soy-sauce things! Those are zong zi. These... are tang yuan, which is basically glutinous rice flour and water mixed together, then boiled in a saucepan. Completely carb loaded.. but they're chewy and a bit sticky. For the past decade I've been eating them in sugar water, but on Sunday I decided to try them with soy milk... just because I eat practically every carbohydrate item with soy milk [think potato soup, milquetoast [though I honestly prefer the spelling "milk toast" because "milquetoast" is a corruption of French], steamed rice, oatmeal [there it is again!!].
It was awesome... Next time we ought to boil the tang yuan in milk, or use milk and glutinous rice flour to make tang yuan.

A few years ago I tried the chocolate-filled tang yuan. They were so good, but I saw them more as a snack rather than a meal...same with the sesame paste ones. So, I still think that I prefer these homemade ones.

Ohh it's glowing! It's a ball of heaven... tastes like heaven, guys.
[A.k.a. the camera messed up, or, with the typical lab speak, "due to human error"].

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