27 March 2010

Plate of Updates.

Here's a plate of updates [it rhymes!]
1. I made an ambigram title.
2. I deleted my "hamster-cute-pet" gadget [at the very bottom of the page] because it spammed my blog. Everytime I came here, it would redirect me to another website. I couldn't even save anything!! I couldn't even delete my gadget; every time I clicked on "Edit" at the gadget place, and the new window popped out, it would redirect. So it was a game of cat and mouse - or should I say, me vs. Spammy the hamster. So, I ended up doing this F5 STOP F5 STOP F5 STOP until I finally stopped on the page JUST before it redirected. And I deleted my hamster. Sigh.
3. My grandpa came from China and brought a lot of food. I'll be updating those, at some point.
4. More gross icing.5. My sister's elementary school Multicultural night! From 6:30 to 7:50 I ate a lot of food. I could see more that I could stomach [hardeeharhar]. Here they are, with captions:
Quince and fresh cheese. QUINCE. "They dined on mince and slices on quince" - The Owl and the Pussycat [which sounds kinda wrong now that I think about it]. I've ALWAYS WANTED TO TRY QUINCE. AND NOW I HAVE!! And it's quite good... it's like a super soft gummy candy. Or, some kinda strawberry jam... I don't remember which ethnicity it was, though. It was next to the Polish table, though.
Spicy samosas. They were pretty good. Indian.
Potato perogies. So. Good. LOVED it. Polish.
Mini pancakes with sweet cottage cheese. Polish?
Soda bread. Irish, of course. I gotta make that one day, since I'm Irish by birth.
Brazilian cheese puffs. They. Were. SO GOOD. Just like the cheese thingy [I wish I remembered the name] at St. Etoile Bakery in Cwb Hong Kong. Apparently, they closed though, so I guess I'll never ever get a chance to taste those again. Actually, does anyone know what they are? These cheese puff thingys, and they also had a green-tea flavoured one.
Challah. I forgot to eat it after I took a picture of it. Israeli.
Potato cakes. Israeli. It was too salty for me.
YEAHH matzoh with hummus. I love hummus. I love matzoh. Even if I had to eat it for a week. I think I'd be okay. Though A says she hates it. Israeli, duh.
The first chocolate coconut macaroon of my life... was okay. Not chocolatey enough. The original flavour one tasted storebought. Actually, it had that anise flavoury thing [I think that's what it's called? It's that flavour in biscotti], and I despise that flavour. Israeli.
Russian rye bread with beet and onion [so yummy, purple]. I forgot what the brown one and yellow one was. Cheese? They all had onion in them, though. The beet one was the best.
A mixing of cultures. Russian, Israeli, and Mehico.
Russian honey cake. It was so moist and yummy and I loved it.
Russian marshmallows. Vanilla, apple pectin... they tasted like light apple jam, not much vanilla, and kinda gritty because of the caster sugar on the top.
Chocolate. CHOColate. CHOCOLATE. Brazilian. I LOVE IT.No gelatin, either!!!! I don't think that I could make marshmallow puffed rice squares with it, though.
Passionfruit pudding, Brazilian. At first, I thought it was mango, because it really does taste like mango. This is the first time I've tried passionfruit.
Rita's Italian ice, which, ironically, was in the "American" food section, along with cookies [below. The image looks like a painting...], Dunkin, bottled water]. This was the first time I tried Rita's [there were only two flavours, mango... and some other fruity flavour], since on the 20th when we went to Rita's [for the "free Rita's"], they were closed :(. I think I had 5 cups of the ice. No kidding. I kept count. In the midst of consuming my 4th cup, I dropped my mini spoon from the passionfruit pudding, and I didn't want to get another one since that would suck for the environment, so I half drank it, half used a ripped piece of the cup. Yes, I am resourceful.
We brought in a aluminium container of fried rice [notice I had nothing from the Chinese or Italian sections... because we eat that too often, even though I do love both cuisines]. Woah the cookie on the bottom right looks VERY painted/drawn. Seriously. I used one small plate, 5 small paper cups, three plastic mini cups and spoons, and one mini cake wrapper. Not terrible considering the amount of food I ate... Oh, I also drank Brazilian soda, Haitian orange and fruit soda, Belgian waffles, cheese, flat Russian pancakes, sugar cane, Haitian fudge, Israeli noodle pudding, and some doughnut. The doughnut wasn't that great though.

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