28 March 2010

Dove dark chocolate.

In our food drawer I found a piece of Dove chocolate. I doubt that my family has bought Dove chocolate since...2005, if ever. So, I assumed my dad got it from some company party or something. Turns out my brother got it from a sweet sixteen party, but I don't think that he wants it. Anyway. Piece number...13.
No grittyness, very smooth, not very bitter, but it was dark chocolate. It's okay, but it's kinda small. The wrapper was really thick and pretty. It was nice :) but maybe a bit above average. I hate the whole rating thing but maybe I should start rating? However, it's just my opinion, so I don't want to sound like a conceited ["con-sye-ted"] gourmand. So... 7/10? Eh, I dunno. Because in this case, everything that isn't dark chocolate would definitely get below 5. So, my rating system kinda sucks. But... anyway, Dove is up there.

I just realised that any chocolate probably would get at least a 7/10 because I love chocolate, and it's really difficult to rate it. So, scratch the "7/10" nonsense!

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