21 March 2010

Icky Sweet Stuff.

You probably think you're misreadin' the title, or that I made a typo. Nope. There IS such thing as something sweet that is gross [what?!]. In the past week, it's been buttercream icing and Gobstoppers.
Something bugging me for the past few days has been this: If ice cream is basically sugar and cream, why do I love ice cream, but dislike buttercream icing? I mean, it's beautiful to look at, smooth, sweet, and fatty. I don't think that I can ever like Costco cake icing. Or Shoprite cake icing. But why? I figured that if I froze it, it would be ice cream.
This morning, though, I realised that ice cream has a ton of air in it [up to 50% in some brands...], which means that it's all light and fluffy. Buttercream icing, on the other hand, has much less air.
Costco seems to use more icing than cake when making its signature gargantuan cakes. I'm serious. From the bottom up, it's: 1.5cm sponge cake, 1cm mousse filling, 1.5cm sponge cake, 2cm white buttercream icing, then 1cm decorative coloured buttercream icing. No exaggerating!
That is 97.7% icing. The rest is bits of cake that was stuck to the icing. I think this was my brother's slice of cake... I just mashed all the icing together. That's a lot, for 1/40th of the cake...
The second thing kinda bugging me is Nestle's Willy Wonka Gobstoppers. I try to stay away from Nestle food, but I think my sister got these from school... and they've been sitting there in the drawer for a while. The last time I had a Gobstopper... was when I was 10? Anyway. The whole "oh lookie there they change colours!!!" claim is completely false. Unless you call fading away changing colours. Oh, in that case, may I say, bread changes colours too; it starts out nice and brown, then gets all white because of the mould after a week of sittin' out of the fridge. And it eventually turns brownish or blueish, depending on the mould growing. Yep. Need another example? Ice pop. Starts out [hard and] blue, let's say, for artificial blueberry flavour. Then, it turns white as you suck on it [no innuendo, intended]. So, a change from red to light red is not that big of a deal, seriously. No need to advertise it, Nestle.
I didn't finish the packet of candy - which is pretty novel since I usually eat packet after packet after packet after... yeah you get the idea. Well, what are the chances I find a mutant in my packet of 11 or 12 Gobstoppers?

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