20 March 2010

The past two weeks.

Yes, I know I haven't updated in so long.
All that homework... and I've been sleeping at 9pm for the past week because I've been really tired, and my track times are getting progressively worse. I might have exercise induced asthma; I'm not sure. Well, things that have happened lately... my sister's birthday, Chipotle!
Okay here:
Crispy clear.

I have to make a point here. My brother cut the cake from Costco before taking a picture of it. YOU DO NOT cut the cake before taking a picture!! And the cake... hm... I liked the strawberry mousse but I'm avoiding [yes we still have it, two weeks later - come on, it lasts THAT long because of the preservatives] because of the HFCS and PHO.

MY CAKE!!!!! I spent two and a half hours [from 10 to 12:30] making it, while Niffy was sleeping. The vanilla layer kinda screwed up, but it was. Extremely. Moist. Better that the chocolate layer, anyway. I used a few tablespoons of balsamic vinegar in it, because the recipe said so. I can't really tell if it made a difference, but you could NOT detect any vinegar-ness in it. The icing... Well, it was melted chocolate icing in the middle, then peanut butter icing on top, and vanilla butter+sugar icing on the sides. The Nifster loves icing.

Those are fork-marks, checkin for done-ness.

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