31 March 2010

Pot of Poop...

I got duped today.
Well, I didn't. I just was naive enough to eat something without reading the ingredients, because I trusted the company. Hershey's. I TRUSTED them. But I guess I was wrong.
HFCS is the second ingredient. PHO is the third ingredient.
The first ingredient is sugar. DO YOU CALL THAT CHOCOLATE?!?!?!?
... I guess in the U.S. of A they call it "chocolate". Sigh.
So halfway through consuming one, I read the ingredients, and then became extremely biased against them.

So, in order to give a less biased review of these "Pot-of-Gold" candies, I guess I have to revert back to what I was thinking when I took my first few bites. In all honesty, I could not taste any chocolate. None. Zip. Zero. No chocolate taste at all. I could taste a bit of the pecan, though there was no strong aroma or anything... it was in little pieces which added a nice crunch, but it was not chunky. The caramel was the majority of the piece; it was sweet, very gooey... quite nice, I guess. It's... about 48 calories per piece which kinda sucks. Overall... I regret having eaten one. :(

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