30 March 2010

Potato Poem + Work

I have a poetry "unproject" for English, so I've been spending the day doing it, going to track, and going to my doctor for a checkup because my track times are getting seriously abnormal. Apparently, there's nothing wrong with my heart rate or blood pressure [even though I personally feel that my blood pressure is irregularily high for a track athlete].
Anyway, I found a few food poems that I'm going to use for my "poetry anthology" since, out of all poems [not including songs], food poems are the best. My first meaningful food poem has to be Carol Ann Duffy's Valentine. [Yeah, it sounds cheesy, but the poem is NOT cliche or sappy. It's onion-y :)]. Today, I found a poem about potatoes, onions, a sandwich, and Thin Mints [I despise Girl Scout Cookies on a moral basis - why sell cookies loaded with CRAP?!?!? - so they will never be talked about again!]. I think there's going to be a copyright issue if I just paste the poems here, so here are the MLA cited parts for the three of the [yes, three. not four.] poems; go rummage through the internet fridge.

Hamby, Barbara. "Ode to the Potato." Babel. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh, 2004. The Writer's Alliance. American Public Media, 14 Mar. 2009. Web. 30 Mar. 2010. .

Neruda, Pablo, and George D. Schade. "Ode to the Onion." Fifty Odes. Austin, Texas: Host Publications, 1996. 145-48. Google Books. Google. Web. 30 Mar. 2010.

Oh and I totally forgot about this one: http://catandgirl.com/?p=728

It's a villanelle, about a sandwich. I just hope that it's soy or gluten "animal" pieces in there.

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