25 July 2010


I'm just gonna randomly blog about each day on the day trip we had. Actually, when riffling through the photos from the past year, I found a bunch of stuff in April that I never got around to blogging about since there were AP exams...[did you notice that there is no April archive? That's because I had too much to study] but I'll save those for when the time is appropriate. Anyway.
Apparently, New Haven is famous for its "apizza", which is basically some thin crust pizza with clams on it, and/or other stuff. Actually, anything clammy or with seafood is considered a New Haven or CT delicacy.
While my family was sitting in the Yale info session/tour, I walked around downtown New Haven. The first store I see? Starbucks. I walk around more. I see a zillion restaurants. Some advertised "NY style" pizza and other Italian food. Another was named "College Wine". There was a vegetarian restaurant called "Claire's", which seemed mildly interesting. There was even a "Hunan"-esque shop with bad English, and a Cheese Shop [named "Cheese Shop"].
There were no little shops selling seafood, let alone apizza.

So, that was quite upsetting. I ended up walking into Clark's because the front window advertised "fried clams", which would mean that PERHAPS there was apizza, right?
Wrong. The first waitress had no idea what apizza was... and said that they didn't have anything with clams OR seafood in the restaurant. I asked another waitress, and she said that, no, the nearest apizza was a few blocks away [Later, we drove by on the way to the highway, and we literally jumped out of the car on the one way street and ran over to Sally's Apizza to buy some apizza... but it turned out that Sally's isn't open until 5pm. It was around 4pm at the time.]
However, she DID say that they had fried clams [oh! the sign was right!], and they were actually "clam strips" and not legit whole clams. Either way, I bought them... with fries and coleslaw [it was this package thing] for around $11. This is truly quality over quantity. If you think about the amount of stuff you can get at a gross monopolistical putrid place like McD. for $11, it's probably seven times more than what we got. This is why cuisine is disappearing. People want the cheap stuff since it "tastes basically the same". However, the processes and labours involved are sharply distinct, you could cut a piece of rough celery with it! I actually interacted with the waitresses, whereas at McD it's just... placing your order of reheated rainforest and coal. Sigh.
Both waitresses were really nice, and there seemed to be a huge selection of ice cream and bakery stuff there, too. I didn't take too many pictures.
I ate some fries and the coleslaw with a piece of warm bread [which my mum brought, so it had been in the car for six hours, which explains the high average kinetic energy of the molecules in the bread]. I also ventured to try some batter from the clam since I don't eat clams. I tried the super small pieces, because those are the ones that are basically batter pieces. It was good batter!
My brother actually fell in love with fried seafood. As in, he got fried scallops at Faneuil Hall, and MORE fried clam strips on the way back when we passed by CT again on the way home.
Also, I like tartar sauce.

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