18 July 2010


I love tapioca.
Yes, tapioca is used in bubble tea [a.k.a. pearl milk tea], which SVC introduced to me a few years ago and I was thinking "Hmm. What is so interesting about THAT?".
How wrong I was.

Tapioca Pudding is also the name of a character from the Peanuts series by Charles Schulz. I don't think I can truthfully say that I've had tapioca pudding before... though I HAVE had extra-gooey creamy tapioca, which I suppose could constitute as a sort of pudding. Anyway, my mum decided to cook this mini tapioca we had sitting in a shelf, and apparently, this kind disintegrates really easily. The orbs were mushy. However, after adding some soy milk, the globular mass started separating from each other... and I actually ended up with something that appeared to look like tapioca! Yay! [Earlier on it was a clear jelly mass, like a bowl of steaming gelatin pieces, or hair gel]. Personally I like it with a lot of blueberries :) although the mug with banana wasn't too bad. I didn't add sugar to either mugful, though, but I think that's just my preference.

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