17 July 2010

More Lindt.

1. I like white chocolate. There's no cocoa in it, but I still like it, as a candy. It's sweet and creamy, even though I don't like either of those in milk chocolate, because milk chocolate just seems to be... vacillating between real chocolate [dark chocolate] and milk candy [white chocolate].
The Cresta was really smooth, which I like, and the centre had a special nutty filling, which was more gooey than the hard outer shell. I just ate a piece that had been in the freezer [I like chocolate from the freezer. It snaps nicely.], and yes, you can tell there is filling.
Note the shape.
The one chocolate from the pile that was smooshed. I supposed it didn't fit in the mould correctly, or it didn't harden by the time it reached the packaging deptarment... or something.
Salvador Dali chocolate... anyone?
The funnest one to eat. Seriously. I enjoyed the change in shape. Anyway, the proper one is below:
This is a "correctly" shaped Lindt/Lindor.
It was really smooth, and appeared to be uniform and felt, to me, just like a typical milk chocolate chunk. However, I later ate one that had been sitting in 30 degrees C temperature, and the outer shell was pliable and I didn't even have to bite it, for it to disintegrate into pieces in my mouth. This time, I could tell there was a middle layer, that tasted kinda caramelly, but that totally could've been imagined.
Super milk!
Note the shape. This one has a DEEPER INDENT. WHY?! It was super smooth... why ruin it by REMOVING a slice of it!? It tasted just like the Lindor, except that it was creamier. Though, when I consumed both frozen, they tasted the same, both taste and texture-wise [sans the dent aspect, though].

These actually look appealing too. They're better than the misshapen truffles.

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