24 July 2010


I consumed fries. From Monday to Saturday [today]. This is the first time in my life in which I have consumed at least one potato fry for six consecutive days. The irony is that we were roadtrippin', from NJ to NY to CT to RI to MA. And back. Yet, every restaurant served fries with the dish. American cuisine is incomplete without fried strips of potato.
Anyway... there is too much to update all at once so I'll just talk about the "only" New England-related items that I consumed. One is corn chowder, and the other is the Boston cream cake [better known as the "Boston Cream Pie", which is the official dessert of MA.
The biggest problem for me was actually FINDING some corn chowder and Boston cream pie. No kidding. Nothing in Cambridge, MA. Nothing in Downtown MA. Nothing in Chinatown, duh, and by that time I was giving up hope so I got an egg tart [remember: I love egg tarts].
Finally, at the Faneuil Hall Marketplace, I found Quincy Market, which basically was a corridor filled with restaurants. There were a lot of ice cream, bakery and seafood fare there, and I finally. Found. Corn. Chowder. It was, understandably, at a shop named "Boston Chowda". Actually, I ended up with a sample of macaroni and cheese, and of a strawberry smoothie. There was also vegetarian moussaka, but I was too full to eat anything after the chowder and cake... or else I totally would've tried not only the moussaka, but also the whoopie pie thingy which I've never had before either.

I don't like styrofoam :( but everything there had styrofoam containers with plastic forks or spoons. I should bring my own. In college, I'm gonna carry around a metal teaspoon.
I can't believe that I have never had oyster crackers before. They. Are. The. Best. Crackers. In. The. World. YES, they probably even beat Goldfish crackers!! There is no real oyster in them, of course.Blurry shot of the oyster crackers with a piece of potato and some corn and soup. It was soooo creamy, super hot, and very flavourful. The potato wasn't mushy, the corn was sweet, and the whole soup made me really thirsty. There was no weird aftertaste or anything else negative about the soup. I couldn't see any oil or grease, so it was visually appealing too! Quite amazing. I don't even remember the last time I had corn chowder [have I had it before?], but the last time I had clam chowder from a can, I could taste this fatty-ness that came with it. In contrast, the corn chowder was simply poofy corniness [yeah. this description is getting really corny.] and makes me think of comfort food. Also, this means that I have to make some corn chowder at some point soon.So, I wanted a Boston cream doughnut. I was unable to find any in Boston. Okay, fine, Dunkin' Donuts definitely has them, but THAT DOES NOT COUNT, considering I can run to two Dunkin' Donuts from my house within 15 minutes. I wanted authenticity! If anyone knows of a place in which there are BOSTON cream doughnuts, please enlighten me. There was NY style cheesecake, and random funnel cake, but no Boston Cream Doughnut. Sigh. I did find two stores that sold Boston Cream Pie [cake.] though, and I picked the Carol Ann Bake Shop because the shopkeeper appeared to know what he was talking about when I asked him about it. Also, they had this lobster tail pastry that looked like a lobster tail [and it was apparently filled with cheese?] The other store sold Italian food... and the Boston cream cake/pie had almonds on the side. Unfortunately, I was quite disappointed with it.
The Boston Cream cake/pie consists of three things. Chocolate icing, plain sponge cake, and the cream.
The icing was ridiculously sticky and hard. My fork is completely immobilised and not prone to the effects of gravity when stuck into the icing. It was really sweet, which is nice, but lacked chocolatey flavour.
The sponge cake was really bad. As in, I didn't want to finish it, which rarely happens with cake. So, I'm not going to talk about it. The cream... hmm, it was really light and makes me think of clouds. Nothing heavy about it, which makes it more of a custard than a "cream" and at first taste, you think it's sorta watery, but it's actually just really light. It's a bit sweet, but ends up a tad sour, which was unexpected [think yoghurt]. Actually, it's really thin... I'm trying to figure out what it would match up to because it's NOT like yoghurt or icing or egg tart filling. It's more like... American pudding. I think I'm indifferent to it, but the [inferior?] kind I tried before in the form of a doughnut from Shoprite was definitely sweeter and more gelatinous. So, I don't think I like Boston cream cake/pies. At least, from this shop.

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