10 July 2010

Ice Cream Cakes.

My sister's friend's parents [which, in other words, are my parents' friends, which, in other words, are my acquaintances and/or friends] own an ice cream store. They own the Carvel on Main Street in Madison. I did mention them before, when I had the chance of actually making stuff at the store for fun!!!!
Anyway, over the past two years, they've been giving us ice cream cakes for the usual American holidays. It's pretty cool, literally, for my sister because she adores vanilla ice cream. I personally am not as huge an ice cream fan as I am a cookie/cake/baked stuff/bread fan. So, it's awesome, yes, but not as amazing as if I got free baguettes every few months.
They gave me a graduation ice cream cake, though, so that was cool! I cut off my name, though, since there are the issues of spammers and stalkers and idiots who use the internet to my disadvantage, if I were to release my name to the world. So, in reality the cake looks better :)

And, the past.

Look at that texture! It's actually whipped cream.
Fudge topping. I approve. Usually, it's just a layer of vanilla and chocolate, with chocolate cookie/cone crumbs in between. Along with PHOs but I suppose these are sentimental exceptions, not that I consume much ice cream cake...

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