05 July 2010

Peanut Potatoes and...

...My dad's garden.
My dad used to live on a farm, with his parents and seven siblings. No kidding. His eldest sibling has kids who have kids, who are older than I am, and a bunch of my relatives still live on the same farm. Actually, the government wants to demolish the farms and build random housing there, which not only messes up a whole culture, but also displaces my dad's "roots". He is quite proud of his roots, actually. From Farm to Pharm [Pharmaceuticals]. Needless to say, if his family didn't know how to farm or garden, they'd be pretty darn hungry [and that's an understatement].
So, when we moved here, my dad wanted to buy a house with a huge garden. Luckily for us, we found a house that was CLOSE TO THE SCHOOL, and had already had raspberries and garlic etc. growing in the backyard, because the previous owners also loved to garden.
This year, among the typical Chinese vegetables, there are also mini potatoes and green beans. Actually, I think that they're runner beans, but I'm not really sure. Flat green beans, maybe? So, I decided to take a picture of my dinner today :). The stuff that looks like minced cow pieces is actually TVP with cheese and seasoning. I made it a while ago [yay for freezers!] but I never had to chance to update about it.My sister stated that the smallest potatoes looked like "peanuts". In fact, in a blind test, I think that many people would indeed mistake them for boiled peanuts. The texture is the same. The potatoes aren't super starchy yet.
That's a teaspoon by the way. Just so you can gauge how cute and tiny the potatoes are :D
Flat green bean thingys, with garlic and some wo[1] ju[1], which is this Chinese plant stem thing.
Potato - the spud of da club!

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