13 July 2010

JM's Birthday

The problem with getting home late from parties is that I don't have time to update, so I hope that you all can imagine that today is the 12th, and not the 13th.
I didn't actually take many pictures because I spent most of the time playing frisbee and watching Up and Little Miss Sunshine. For some reason, a bunch of the other girls thought that the 15-yr old guy who doesn't talk is really "hot", yet I doubt that they'd want a boyfriend who wouldn't speak and was a misanthrope. ANYWAY.
The funny thing is that pretty much everyone ate the cookies and the chips, but only a few grapes were consumed throughout the whole party. It was pretty upsetting, actually. Anyway.
We should've just cut the pita bread [well, it was "flatbread" since it lacked the pita pockets] into 8s. We actually spent a while debating the shapes into which we could segment the pita rounds... and this appeared to be a very... er, "varied" plate of shapes.

Somehow, JM's mum cut the pineapple into that amazing masterpiece. Very interesting.

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