23 June 2011

Conversion of the Blog

I hereby declare that I'm not going to be tied down worrying about the lack of viewership at my blog, www.PIE-314.blogspot.com
Instead, this blog is now officially a journal for me to document my food life/recipe box/rants/pictures, and I do not care if no one visits here.

I've decided this because:

1. I don't get many views anyway.

2. People who have month-old food blogs somehow have more views and comments that I've had in the past year and 2/3, even though I have better pictures and make stuff from scratch whereas others may use cake mixes or Crisco or whatever.

3. I don't have internet friends who will comment and view my blog, and this may be because I'm not social enough. Don't say I didn't try; I subscribed to a LOT of blogs, and no one subscribed back. I view their blog updates, I comment on their blog posts, but they do not comment back or view my blog (in looking at my Stats page).

4. Heck, I don't even have many real-life friends who look at this blog!

5. I (hypocritically) don't enjoy reading a lot of people's food blogs. I know, how can I diss other people's food blogs if I want others to like mine, right? I guess it's just our personalities don't match; I'm not happy with a vegan blog, or a vegetarian blog, or a junk food blog, or a baking blog, yet I myself make vegetarian food, eat junk food, and bake. I have a convoluted explanation for all this but I don't feel like divulging. In short, I'm a hypocrite.

Therefore, perhaps I can be more honest about food on this blog from now on (in the sense that I won't bother considering being nice on the blog, anymore).

Also, here is a picture of a disfigured cornflake. I treasure it:

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