11 June 2011

Reading Terminal Market - The Spice Market

It was forecast to rain around 1pm today, but it never did. It rained for around two minutes at 2pm. It never rained again. Because of this, I had planned my run for the morning, when I totally could've run in the afternoon (which is what I prefer). I ran to Reading Terminal Market with $5 in my key pocket, my key strung to my shoelaces, and my ID card in a secret location (haha).

$5 couldn't possibly buy everything that I wanted at Reading Terminal Market. It's a wonderful place; nothing like markets in Hong Kong (which are way better), but it's still pretty amazing; it's like Quincy Market in Boston, except that Reading Terminal Market sells more than prepared food; there are links of sausage, expensive kitchenware, honey, candles, and spices!

After browsing around the candy store and the spice store (The Spice Market), I decided to spend my $5 on curry powder and sour salt. Apparently, the sour sugar on Sour Patch Kids (and other delicious, addictive sour foods) is called "sour salt", which is just citric acid. Around February, all I wanted was to eat citric acid! ...Now I've found it, for $2.50 for 2 oz! (At least, I think it was 2 oz...the broken customer balance said "0.14". The woman told me that the stuff in the packages are either 1 or 2 oz). There were also juniper berries, but they weighed "0.07", so I'm assuming they were selling 1 oz for $2.25.
I've yet to try the curry and the citric acid... so stay tuned.
On the run back, I went through Rittenhouse and browsed the farmers market there. It's pretty awesome; next time, I'll have to bring more money and walk back, instead of run back. I'm lucky I have running shoes, and plenty of time. I don't know what I'm going to do during the semester, when I need my citric acid fix...

Later, I went to Clark Park's Farmers Market, and bought 8 oz of unsweetened coconut for $2.50! I also bought a bunch of organic rainbow chard ($2.50) for the first time, since I recall that chard tastes pretty okay from Penn Dining (although the way they cook it isn't that appetizing).

So, now I'm nearly out of cash.

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