21 June 2011

Sweet Tooth

For being in a really busy and popular neighbourhood, Sweet Tooth was remarkably empty. *sarcasm: Was it because it was a Saturday? At 1pm?* Isn't that the time when EVERYONE is swarming around stores? I passed by Jim's cheesesteaks, and the line literally went around the corner of the block.

So, why was Sweet Tooth empty?

I mean, look at all this candy, waiting to be bought!
However, the pricing threw me off a little. $2.54 (I think) for 0.25lb. That's about $10 for a pound of candy, compared to $4.99 at Sweet As Fudge Candy Shoppe, and I don't even want to compare the price of candy to the price of vegetables (much lower).

The bright side is that everything in the plastic containers is $2.54. This is great if you want to
1. Sample candy.
2. Buy candy that is priced at a higher value than $10/lb. For example, Jelly Belly beans definitely cost less than $10/lb, but mint malt balls may cost more.
Just this much candy amounted to about $3 (or more? I don't remember).
1. Orange cream coconut slice: very hard, a tad creamy and tangy, very sweet. Pretty good.
2. Neapolitan coconut slice: there was no difference in each flavour, which upset me :( because I expected a chocolate coconut part, a vanilla part, and a strawberry part. It tasted uniform, and was the same as the orange cream coconut slice, except not creamy. Not great.
3. Mango chili Jelly Belly bean: surprisingly spicy! Not much mango flavour, although a bit citrusy. Meh.
4. Weird bunny and carrot (pink and green): These tasted really really off. They had the texture of candy corn, but had the flavour of burnt or curdled caramel (?) or marshmallow. It was not delectable at all (in my opinion)!!
5. Mini pastel mints with the white 100s and 1000s ("100s and 1000s" is the name I've known: These aren't merely "sprinkles".)... they... were waxy and minty. Creamy and minty. I'm not really sure I'm acclimated to the taste.
6. Sour candy bacon: Okay, these aren't the real name for the sour candy strip, but I loved it. That is all.
Since I had to eat all my chocolate before it melted in the sun, I only bought two malt balls and some "moose" chocolate clusters, which tasted like a much more unrefined version of Nestle's Crunch candy. The malt balls were merely okay; the mint and latte flavours were not pronounced at all. I still miss Maltesers very much.
You can see the half-melted moose chocolate clusters in the bottom left corner of the above image.
I also got some Jordan Almonds because they were 1/2 off. Jordan Almonds are just almonds that are covered in a hard (yes, hard) candy shell that tastes like 100% sugar... no flavourings. It's super crunchy, and I guess I'm indifferent to them.

Since I've sampled all I want, I don't think I'm going back here. The price is a deterrence, it's kinda far, and although the selection is phenomenal, I don't really see why I would come here to buy my favourite candies that are available at any grocery store.

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