25 June 2011


...and now I have a bloated stomach and feel terribly drowsy/headachy after eating around 1000 Calories (~250 g) of sucrose in the form of peach gummies.

Actually, after my swim today, I decided to read outside in the shade. It was pretty breezy, and there was a concert going on on Walnut Field. They were giving out free water ice, so I got a pina colada water ice, which melted really fast. It tasted like artificial coconut, and didn't have much hint of pineapple, although there were small specks of yellow (presumably pineapple pieces).
While watching Stargate SG-1, I ate the ~1000 Calories worth of peach gummies. Today, I walked towards Market St. intent on going to a yard sale, but the yard sale didn't exist at the address listed on the flyer... so I figured, Eh, I might as well go to the Rite-Aid on Market, and buy some Circus Peanuts because I've never had them before.

However, the Circus Peanuts had HFCS, so I decided to buy peach gummies instead. I don't know why I didn't buy the sour gummy worms... because I like sour gummies the most...

However, now I'm fully satisfied with my gummy craving, and I will not buy anymore gummies in the next month or so. Yes, this includes not buying any Peach Sour Patch Kids candy from Sweet As Fudge Candy Shoppe.
In eating my gummies, I stumbled across a bunch of mutant ones! I love the sight of mutant candy! I wonder if any companies will send me free/reduced price mutant candy...
:) Okay, I'll eat healthy tomorrow. Kale!!

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