03 June 2011

Krispy Kreme - Free Doughnut Day

June 3rd is National Doughnut Day in the U.S., apparently, to honor the ladies who made doughnuts to people during WWI. I was fully unaware of this.

TJ and I walked into Center City to check out First Friday, and to just explore. We got lost a bunch of times, found a gallery that was closed, ate some veggies at the Fabric Museum (they were also serving wine, which I suppose they would've given us if we had asked), found a cool store that sold expensive pins/fun junk, went to Trader Joe's (Well. I have to say, meh. Not as good as I had expected), went to Chinatown (AMAZING! I have to blog about all the food there!!), and had dinner at Qdoba. TJ and I trying to see which is better: Qdoba (she says) or Chipotle (I say). Technically, we can't judge yet.

On the way, we passed by a Krispy Kreme and TJ commented on how the doughnuts there are amazing. I've never been to Krispy Kreme before, although I've seen one on its grand opening at Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. I remember walking up to the store, which had giant wreaths of flowers next to the windows, and seeking the ridiculously long line of people, waiting to spend 10HKD on a molten doughnut. It smelled amazing. I recall watching the doughnut machines operating through the glass wall (novel at the time), and seeing a dude entertaining the crowd with his guitar. I even pulled out 10HKD, with half a mind to try the doughnut, but for some reason, I decided not to. I'm not really sure why, but I've never been a doughnut addict.

TJ looked closer, and realised that Krispy Kreme was handing out doughnuts! We stopped on our tracks, ran across the street - this is no exaggeration - lunged in and stood patiently in the short line while the lady gave us each one sugar glazed doughnut, normally-sized (i.e. not Costco sized or dining hall sized) and perfectly beautiful, although not hot and gooey (the glaze had dried and the doughnut was cold).

Later, we noticed the sign on the door that said that it was National Doughnut Day. However, we walked by at least 4 Dunkin' Donuts, and I saw no free doughnuts there.
For a cold doughnut, I was surprised at how easily it melted in my mouth. I think it had to do with the glaze; without it, the doughnut would've been more oily bread-like (read: plain and tasteless) rather than taste "fatty". It was a good doughnut. The glaze stuck an accent on everything. TJ and I sat at a table next to the doughnut factory part of the store, and we saw the doughnuts on the conveyer belt being smothered with icing. It was glorious, of course, but so terrible at the same time! I find it pretty cool I got a free doughnut, and of course, it's an advertising tool because I'm now blogging about it, but I don't think I'd make it a task to go to Krispy Kreme to solely buy a doughnut. It's not worth the effort; the doughnuts are good, but not phenomenal. I think I'm just trying to compare any doughnut I eat with the ones I had when I was 5 at Penrith Plaza in Australia, but that's probably more just for the nostalgia rather than the taste-receptor-induced response.
This just made me laugh. I suppose doughnuts do fit the average person's lifestyle. Fat and sugar! FTW! FTS - Fat, Tomatoes, and Sugar. I think I read that tomatoes are the most widely consumed vegetable in the U.S. (ketchup, sauce, and soup being the main players).
I also found it really surprising that there is organic oatmeal at Krispy Kreme. Who would go to Krispy Kreme to buy oatmeal?! That's like going to an all-you-can-eat buffet to drink coffee! Or like going to Whole Foods to buy Nestle Evaporated Milk in a can!
Also, the last line makes me laugh too: "Contents shown represent three servings".
Oh, at least it's three servings of whole grains.

So I've decided to list the physical address and weblink of places I go for food.

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