27 February 2010


A's house = hamantashen paradise.
Seriously, we made probably 391 hamantaschens.
Don't believe me? Check these blurry images out [I didn't bring my camera so I used my phone... JB brought her pro camera and took a zillion photos, and each click had that awesome shutter noise... but I can't use her images because this is my blog and I believe there are some copyright issues at some print in the book. Anyway.]!

Apricot, strawberry, raspberry, chocolate chip hamantashens. Note the chocolate chip dough :D My favourite jams are apricot jam and cherry jam. I don't really have a predilection for strawberry jam... maybe because I've had it for all my life. Oh, and the secret to the "best" hamantashen dough? Orange juice!!!!

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