06 February 2010

Epicute Ice Cream.

As a loyal fan of Failblog, I stumbled upon one of its sister websites [or brother, or daughter etc.] - Epicute. In a nutshell, Epicute scours the internet and finds cute pictures of food from other blogs, and glues it onto its own blog. I kinda hope that my blog gets featured on it one day... but that means that I have to make cute food.
If I ever make cute food, I'd end up anorexic because every time I look at it, I would feel disinclined to eat it. Way too cute!

Well, the cutest I've gone with food is... ice cream cake! I made these at Carvel. Here are the steps needed in order to make these "cute" [or. well, creepy looking and disproportional] smiley faces:

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