16 August 2010

Chocolate Shell Ice Cream

I think that this was the first time in my life in which I tried a hard shell coating ice cream. Once, when I used to go to Mc.D, I ordered a sundae, and the guy gave me one of these instead... and I told him, no, I wanted a chocolate sundae. So he promptly dumped the ice cream into the bin and made a sundae for me.
I wish he had just given me the chocolate coated ice cream... that would've been cool...
Anyway, in March, I tried the chocolate-shell ice cream for the first time in my life... and as you can see above, one end of it was smooshed, due to the fact that it arrived in a box from Carvel [my sister's friend's parents own a Carvel]. I saw the mum today at the library, actually, which is why I thought about blogging about this [I've not only lacked the chance to blog about this, but also haven't eaten anything of note today to blog about, so this is a suitable time to talk about this ice cream].
I imagined that the chocolate coating would taste waxy or oily, due to my belief that there are tons of random emulsifiers and additives in order to make the chocolate have a low melting point, but also a low freezing point. Actually, while I was at Carvel, I made a bunch of these... you basically make a vanilla soft serve, dunk it in the melted chocolate [or cherry] sauce AT AN ANGLE for 3 seconds, and gently pull it out and let it stand there for a while. The shell forms FAST. I unfortunately lost an ice cream through this procedure, but I think I made.... around 10 of them? I never cared to try one, though.
So, taste-wise... the chocolate actually tasted sweet, like chocolate. It wasn't waxy. It wasn't bland. It wasn't very chocolatey, either, but actually sort of tasted like a less creamy version of fudge. Maybe chocolate plastic would be a good description of it.
The vanilla ice cream... is just vanilla ice cream. Eh. And, the cone was just a sugar cone with PHO but oh well.

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