28 August 2010

More Fries...

This is partly why I don't like to travel with my family. We went to the Jersey Gardens Mall for the first time today. It was okay. Same old, same old.
And at dinnertime, they all got fries. Seriously. Without knowing that they had all bought fries.
They also didn't finish the fries, even though I ate some. Three different types of fries! This was like fry-tasting! The top ones are from Burger King. They were crispy and bland. The second ones were more diner-like, with the potato skins still intact. The ones from the "fish and chip" store, Nathan's, was really potatoey. They weren't crunchy enough in my opinion... but they were shaped cool, which means that they were definitely made in a factory. There also was some weird corn-flour-bready-thingy that neither my brother nor I could identify. It was like some mystery meat meatball, except that it was some savoury carb thing instead. The coleslaw was icky. I mean, in my mind, coleslaw is always at least six vegetables with a bit of dressing. Not 90% dressing with pieces of old carrot and cabbage...
The tartar sauce, however, was amazingly zingy and I have never had such tangy tartar sauce before. I do not know what made it so savourrryyyyy.
Well. That was fatty. :(

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