10 August 2010

Couscous Soup!

Because I was too lazy to make pasta today, I decided to make tomato soup and add couscous instead. I've recently become really fond of soups, mainly because soup is basically water, and I've been pretty dehydrated mostly, due to the fact that it's the summer and I've been running more than I have in the past few months. Also, since I'm on a sort of coffee ban [due to the caffeine negatively impacting methimazole efficacy], I've cut down my morning consumption of liquid from one litre to maybe 250ml. No, not one litre of coffee [although that'd be pretty intense]. During school, I used to drink say... 500ml of coffee/tea, 250ml of milk, and 250ml of water, juice, coffee or milk, before noon. Now, it's just 250ml of milk. If I remember.

Anyway, no one else is using the artichokes, so I guess I have to use them for something.
While consuming this soup, I wondered how soggy pretzels would taste like in it, since there ARE oyster crackers for soups, but we don't have them at home. So, I stirred in a handful of pretzels and promptly forgot to take a picture of them. They didn't really enhance the flavour or anything, since they barely absorbed any soup... I suppose this is due to the shiny malty [?] coating that most thin pretzels have. Nevertheless, the pretzels were okay. I should've let them soak in the soup longer, but I was hungry.

Also, at Costco today, they were giving out samples of the "Hollywood Cookie Diet" which is, at first, oxymoronic, but then you realise how truthful it is. The facade of glamour and prettiness and hedonistic lifestyle... yet it is all due to restriction and limitation, since if you point one finger out of that bubble, you collapse all your fame and blah. The same goes for this diet thing. The sample piece of cookie itself tasted artificial, like a protein bar, sans the protein. However, it really looked like a cookie. I'm not kidding. It looked like a legitimate chocolate chip cookie piece. But if you think about it, do you want real or fake? Real love vs. fake love? Real food vs. fake food? Real friends vs. fake friends? Real is way cooler.

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