31 August 2010

Tea Mooncakes.

Since I'm leaving to college, my grandpa is returning back home, and my dad is going on a business trip by the time the Moon Festival comes around this year, we decided to celebrate it early. We had this huge family conversation thing, which actually sounded very laudatory and respectful, and, I suppose, was truthfully a "family" moment. We sat there talking for 40 minutes. Well, actually, my grandpa did most of the talking, and for someone from a completely different generation, he actually has similar values and beliefs as I do, concerning health, family, and being social. He literally said that there are friends, and then there are fake friends, which I find to be one of the most important pieces of advice ever. My sister didn't listen though... as soon as my grandpa started speaking, she ran away from the table, turned up moments later with neon green earplugs in her ears, and then ran off to mope about how we weren't paying her any attention.
So, my mum had bought these tea mooncakes at a hitched up price just for this, but they were really awesome since they were TEA flavoured! There were 6 different flavours, and they all ranged from sweet to bitter-sweet. They were extremely flavourful, and some were even textured with lotus seed pieces. My sister cut them all up into quarters :) The pastry was normal mooncake pastry, except that the flavours were stamped on top instead of a proverb or a company name. Unfortunately, my Chinese reading skills are quite terrible.
Oh, this is embarrassing. I forgot the name of this one... li[4] zhi[1]? It was mainly sweet, with a nice crunch from the lotus seeds [I think?] It actually tasted quite authentic.
Oolong tea; this one had a nice bitter note to it, and was, in my opinion, the most "tea"-like mooncake in the box.
Jujube berry. I'm not really sure if there is a jujube berry tea, but this one basically tasted like mashed jujube berries with lotus paste. It was very textured, and reminded me of the cherry Larabar, although this had no nuts and had no aftertaste. It was also very rich.
Jasmine tea; mild flavour, easily mixed up with the green tea. Actually, it tasted very similar to the green tea one, but that may just be confirmation bias since they are both green.
Pomelo flavoured; again, I'm not sure if this was supposed to be pomelo "tea" flavoured. This one had a nice texture due to the fact that there were chopped up lotus seeds inside. I couldn't really taste any pomelo though; it was basically a regular mooncake, in my opinion.
Green tea. I was a bit disappointed with this one since I love green tea, but this was way too sweet to be legitimate green tea. Actually, maybe the green tea flavour just didn't pull through, due to the sugar in the lotus paste...

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