27 August 2010

Bubble Milk!

Known as bubble tea, pearl milk tea, or chewy-tapioca-balls-with-tea, this drink is ubiquitous in any Chinatown in the U.S. However, they usually cost from $2.50 to $5 [or more], and one rarely obtains enough tapioca in the tea to fulfill one's sticky tapioca craving.

Well, at least, for me, I always end up consuming all the tapioca balls before half the tea is done. Usually, there is also a ton of ice which acts as a filler. Although I love the fact that there are so many exotic flavours [taro, coconut, various flowers, etc.] at bubble tea specialty stores, it's also pretty awesome making my own, sans too much sugar to give me a headache.

At Kamman, we bought some tapioca balls [labelled as "starch balls"] for $1.69. My mum stuck them on the stove today for an hour or so, with a ton of water, and now we have plenty of tapioca balls for me to put into milk, decaf coffee, tea, grape juice... etc.
I just made some bubble milk, and half the volume of my mug was filled with tapioca. I'm happy.

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